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Exploitation of Black Flesh, a forensic study blacknowledge.wordpress.com

Amazing to me the depths that some will reach to in order to make a buck. You've heard of Diamond and the other,  Silk who operate a commercial Enterprise on the internet offering Right-Wing Rhetoric for the amusement, entertainment and gratification of mostly racisist white nationalist and white supremacists. The two are not news, and are not a secret.

Well, seems others have designed to cut into this very lucrative market. It is a well established and lucrative market. And here's how that would work.

You wake up one day and you have 100,000 followers all in the same demographic; you have a product to offer to advertisers (100,000 followers as customers). So for instance we offer genuine hand made Israeli sandal made in Bethlehem. Suggested retail is $25.00 a pair.  We extrapolate the product will appeal to the demographic.

So if I were to make 10% on each sale, how many sales do I need to break $1,000 in income on the Facebook sandal escapade? 

Answer: I need just % 0.5 of my followers to buy a pair of sandals

Somebody has to do the filthy work where things are concerned and it seems that once again It is up to me to expose this new instance of the exploitation of the poor North American Black man.  


So, following the breadcrumbs I start here with the website "blacknowledge.wordpress.com". Ill save you some trouble looking for identifying information on who is responsible for the content on the site. You won't find any identifying information on the site. None whatsoever. Take a look (click).

The site is jammed with pictures, biographies, videos of all of the greats: Doctor King, Rosa Parks,  Malcom X, Harriett Tubman, Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Thurgood Marshall,and on and on. A near endless list of Black figures.

Designed to strike awe in the site visitor, whom will assume that the guy claiming the site actually wrote all the stuff, collected the videos and pictures and is responsible for lovingly putting it all together. But;

that's not what happened, that's not at all the case.


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